Save the date

I just saw that there will be another Twitter #pitmad event. It will take place on December 4th, from 8 AM until 8 PM.

If you’ve never heard of #pitmad before, it’s an event on Twitter where you can tweet a short pitch of your manuscript  with the hashtag #pitmad. Agents can check the feed and if they like what they see your tweet may get a favorite. If it does, it’s an invitation to submit to the agent who favorited your tweet.

The event is organized by Brenda Drake, she also organizes other awesome events for writers. More information on #pitmad can be found on her website at:

I’ve done #pitmad a couple of times and received 2 favorites. Nothing came of it, but it’s still a great opportunity to get your work out there. Even if you don’t get a favorite you may still end up meeting other writers during the event, and that’s always a good thing!