Resources, Resources

So today I thought I would write a bit about resources I like to use when submitting queries or looking for agents.

One of the best things that happened to me in my querying process is that I came across the website

Prior to this I was using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the agents I had queried or was planning to query in future. I used the Internet and The Novel and Short Story Writers Market to search for agents. This is a good way of course but on query tracker you can actually do both. You can make a list for your project and add literary agents to the list as you search for them. You can record when and how you sent out your query, and you can also record their reply. Another neat feature is that under each agents profile you can comment on your experience with that agent. It’s very interesting to see what other writers have to say.

There are a lot of really great features on query tracker and it’s well worth the membership fee to check it out. There is also a forum you can join. .

Events like #pitmad or #adpit  on Twitter are also very helpful.

Another great way to find the right agent for you is #mswl Manuscript WishList. Agents tweet out their preference in the material that they would like to receive.  On this website you can find a collection of their tweets.

I also find Writer’s Digest really helpful. There is a section called Agent Spotlight, which I enjoy reading. Often it will introduce you to new agents that are looking to build their list.

There are many great resources out there, but these are my favorites, the ones I use most often.