What genre do I write?

Well that is a good question isn’t it? It’s one that people ask me all the time as soon as I say I write. I wish I had the answer.

The first novel I wrote was pretty much New Adult while the second one is more literary with a bit of a commercial bent. Yet all the projects that I have planned out for the future don’t fit into either of these genres. I’ve written an outlines for a paranormal romance and I’ve got a first draft finished for a woman’s fiction novel, but my big far off plan is to write a series set in a dystopian future.  The only thing all three have in common is a strong female lead MC.

So as you can see I really can’t say what I  genre write. I realized that this is a problem in terms of finding an agent, publisher, and so forth. If I am lucky enough to find an agent that reps literary fiction chances are that they don’t also represent paranormal or new adult. This isn’t something I have really looked into so far, because now I’m just trying to find an agent for  one particular novel. That’s challenging enough! But in the back of my mind I wonder, what happens when a writer doesn’t stick to one genre?

I do admire the people who write in one particular genre and have a gift for one particular area. I can also see how it would be difficult for readers to connect with an author if they don’t know what to expect. I admit I would be stumped if Stephen King went  and published a historical romance novel . Yeah I would not know what to do with that!

Still, in the end we write what we have the inspiration to write.  So that’s what I’ll continue to do and hope for the best !

Here are a couple of interesting article I found on the subject:

If I Write in Multiple Genres, Do I Need Multiple Agents?

Ask the Agent: Writing in Multiple Genres


2 thoughts on “What genre do I write?

  1. I am currently writing the first story that I dream to be published (even though I know it’s a long journey) and it is different than any genre I have wrote before. I am looking forward to reading your blog and hearing your journey!


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