NaNo at the last minute

Contrary to my first post on this blog I ended up doing NaNoWriMo after all. I actually decided it last-minute, on October 31st. The reason was because I had been working on a re-write of Goodbye December, my first novel. I was giving it an overhaul. As it turned out, despite it still having good ‘bones’ it wasn’t salvageable.

Really I didn’t know what I was doing when I wrote it and it shows. The story, while I still liked it, was just a little outdated. I ended up re-doing almost every scene and even then I did not really like it.

In the end, while I still love the characters, I just don’t feel as connected with the story as I did when I wrote it. I decided to use the characters and write a whole new story around them. It still will have the same themes, mental illness, trauma, first love etc but the story itself will be all new and all different.

I started writing and so far it’s been going good. I just hit 22 000 words today which is great! Of course as with any NaNo project this will be just a first draft, it will need a lot of work because I had little time to prepare.

I basically cobbled together some story points that I wanted to hit, a bit of background info on all the characters and events and started writing. The story is developing as I write, new characters are emerging. The original group of characters is developing beyond what they were in the first book as well. I really like the story.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I’m not much of a planer when it comes to writing, but I usually do a little more than just story points on a piece of paper. I can already tell that the second draft will take a while to do, but that’s ok. I finally have a story I am excited about and feel I can finish with a good result at the end.

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