Blog Update

The year is already a month old and I have yet to write anything on this blog. In my defense, I was busy with different things that came up, like a surprise move to a different apartment, among other things. I’ll make more time for this blog from now on though!

Well, let me start with a status update on my projects. I’m still querying In Absentia, with a brand new query letter. I decided to change my previous one because of the feedback from the agent who read the full last year. She said she expected more of a mystery based on the query (She requested a full based on the query letter alone, not sample chapters/pages).  It’s really not a mystery novel. There’s a mystery, yes, the ‘what happened to Adam’s brother’ mystery, but it’s not the central part of the book. Adam’s journey is. I changed the query to show this. I had some agents left to query and did so yesterday. After this I have a list of small prints to submit to, but I have to say I’ve been thinking about self-publishing too. The reason I didn’t consider this option before was because it’s a lot more work. Not only the publishing process itself, but the marketing too. I know that even if you go the traditional publishing route you still have to do a lot of your own marketing, but there’s a team behind you who knows what they’re doing. You don’t have that support when you’re doing it on your own. I’m starting to think that self-publishing might be the way to go though, especially if I do not find an agent. Scary thought, but worth investigating for sure!

I finished the re-write of my New Adult Goodbye December, which I renamed Goodbye November. I put it aside for now because I think it needs to simmer a bit before I can tackle the next draft.  There are some things I want to take out, and some I want to change.  All in all I’m happy with the re-write and hope to get it polished by summer.

Meanwhile I picked up my NaNo project from 2013 and started working on the second draft. I’m making slight changes to the story and so far it’s going pretty good. I’ve renamed it “The Pink Tourmaline” (from the previous title “Far from here”). It’s a historical romance (with a bit of time-traveling) set mostly in the 1920s, my favorite decade. I’m having a lot of fun writing it!

I’ve also sent out some of my poems to see if I can get a couple published. I was slacking in 2014 in the poetry department and didn’t send out much but better late than never!

That’s all that’s going on with my projects so far

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