What do I read?

I thought today I’d do something different and make a list of which authors I like to read and why. This combines two of my great loves, reading, and list making!  I have many more authors I enjoy reading, but these are the ones I most often turn to, and which have inspire/entertained me the most. Here we go:

Isabel Allende:

The first of her novels I read was “House of Spirits”, which happens to be a favorite movie of mine too. I’ve read most of her books, and love how she transports you to a whole different world in each novel. I especially enjoyed the magical realism in “House of Spirits” and the complexity of the characters. “Portrait in Sepia” is another favorite which I’ve read many times. If I were stuck on an island somewhere, those are two of the books I’d like to have with me. They never get old.

Tracy Chevalier:

I’ve read all but one of her novels to date. I loved all of them, with the exception of one. My favorite remains “The Virgin Blue,” which incidentally is a comp in my query of my current novel. I had no idea what it was about when I picked it up, but I couldn’t put it down. I also loved “Falling Angels”. In all her novels, I feel she recreates the past in such a way that you can almost feel you are there, right along with the characters.

Philippa Gregory:

This is another author who writes historical fiction that makes you feel as though you are in the story, although it probably helps that I have a very active imagination! I am really interested in Tudor history anyway, (The period most of her novels take place in), so I enjoy reading stories about characters I’m familiar with already. I know critics gripe that her stories aren’t historically accurate, but I don’t mine. A few added twists and turns don’t take away from the overall enjoyment of reading the books for me.

Stephen King:

I love love love early Stephen King novels. In fact, he is the reason I wanted to become a writer. When I was a teenager I was hospitalized for a few months, and I had nothing to do but read. I’d devour Stephen King novels, one after the other, for the entire time I was in hospital. His books got me through an otherwise unpleasant time. “The Stand”, “Mystery”, “It” and “Bag of Bones” are all favorites of mine. Several times, when I was done with a book and the next one had not been delivered yet, I’d try my hand at writing. Save to say, without Stephen King I’d never have started writing. That said, I have to admit, I’ve not enjoyed his latest works. I was disappointed in the last two books in the “Dark Tower” series, and gave up on “The Dome” after a few pages. I’m still hopeful that I’ll get into his new stuff, but up until then there are the classics which I’ll happily read again and again.

Harlan Coben:

I don’t often read in this genre, but when I’m in the mood for a crime mystery I always end up with a Harlan Coben novel. I love how each one is familiar, yet surprising and different. He keeps it fresh and exciting, with plot twists that make it hard to figure out the ending ahead of time, something I often end up doing. The books always have an unexpected ending. My favorite to date is “The Woods”, though I also like the Myron Bolitar series. Slightly more formulaic compared to his other novels, the series is still entertaining and fun to read.

Sophie Kinsella

This is the odd one out, I realize! I love some light chick lit every now and again. I like her Shopaholic series, though I actually prefer her one-off novels, such as “Can you keep a secret”, or “Remember me”. My favorite remains 2009’s “Twenties Girl”, due to my love of the 1920s and the frequent mentions of Rudolph Valentino!

Which authors are your favorites?