Query stats

When I first queried The Pink Tourmaline I found it really useful to see stats and timelines by other writers, to compare. So today, I’m going to share how The Pink Tourmaline fared during the query process. I queried agents, small publishers, and also participated in several contests.

I started querying The Pink Tourmaline in June 2015. I sent out a total of 57 queries to agents. Of those, 24 didn’t reply. Of the remaining queries I received two full requests, four partial requests, and 29 rejections. Two of the rejecting agents offered personalized rejections with offers to resubmit or submit other manuscripts.

I also submitted to seven small publishers. Of those seven I received: Two rejections, four full requests, and one rejection with an invitation to resubmit. One of the four full requests turned into the offer from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press.

I participated in Pitch to Publication 2015 and out of the five mentors I submitted to I received two  full requests and one partial. I also participated again in 2016, this time receiving one request. In between I participated in a couple of other contests such as Page70pit and PitMad on Twitter, but didn’t get any newsworthy results!

All in all, I had a much better time querying The Pink Tourmaline than I did with In Absentia. I sent just over 100 queries for In Absentia and only received two full requests and a couple of partials. I also didn’t have any luck in contests with it. I hope once I edit it and start querying again it will have better results.

So was your experience with querying?



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