The Naughty List Tag

The Naughty List Tag

I was tagged by Carey Starkey to do the Naughty List Tag.

There are 3 rules for this tag.
1) You must use your current work in progress manuscript
2) Don’t use a character more than twice
3) Provide a description of your story before the tag.

I am currently working on the sequel to my novel The Pink Tourmaline (available from amazon here and directly from my publisher here). Book 1 focused on Quinn and Michael, siblings from our time, who are transported back to the 1920s and have to find a way home. Things get complicated when Quinn falls in love with Rafael, a man from the 1920s and wants to stay behind with him while Michael is desperate to return home.

This second novel will focus on Michael, his girlfriend Lisa and their life following the events in book 1. It will also feature flashbacks to the 1920s where we check in with the characters from book 1.

Let’s get started with the tags!
1) Which character would get wasted and end up humping the Christmas tree?
David Lazlo, Rafael’s fun loving friend. Always ready for a good time, David will make use of the hidden bar as well as the dancefloor, prohibition be damned!

2) Which character deserves to get the crap beaten out of them by Krampus?

It would need to be Michael. His actions in Book 1 were often selfish and this is a trend that continues in book 2. Although he gets brownie points for now being aware of his faults. Still, there are enough head shake inducing moments that will earn him a good slap from Krampus.
3) Which character is the Grinch this year?
Rafael’s maid Mary. Mary’s rough demeanor and sharp tongue don’t even take a rest at Christmas time! She will watch the halls like a hawk to make sure none of the Christmas party guests damage any of her employer’s priceless artworks and nothing gets lifted. And heaven help anyone who dares bring in more than the acceptable amount of dirt on their shoes.

4) Which character would try to get a little too friendly while sitting on Santa’s lap?

Zelda, Quinn’s friend who’s often described as a ‘live wire’. Zelda is no shrinking violet and couldn’t care less about 1920s conventions and expectations. Like David, she doesn’t give a hoot about prohibition and will gladly raise a glass in honor of Santa. Besides, her antics on Santa’s lap are likely designed to shock and awe bystanders, which is Zelda’s way of showing people she will do as she pleases.
5) Who would your antagonist most like to tongue under the mistletoe?
There isn’t an antagonist as such. The one person closest to being an antagonist is in her 80s. In light of this, I will adjust this question and say who my protagonist would most likely be found under the mistletoe with! It would have to be Lisa, the mother of his child and longtime girlfriend. Although if she is currently in the mood to be under a mistletoe with him is another question entirely.

6) Which character would accidentally tip the Menorah and light the house on fire?
It would be Quinn. The MC in book one, she is prone to knocking things over, running into stuff, and generally causing bodily injury to herself by being clumsy – that won’t change in book 2.

7) Which character is most likely to bring magic brownies to the party?
Rose, the mother figure of the group. Thought it would be quite accidental. She’d be looking to add a little something special to the brownie batch and end up mixing in who knows what with unforeseen circumstances. Upon discovering what she baked into her brownies Rose would be mortified!

8) Which character is most likely to ring in the new year naked? And why the hell are they naked anyway?!

This could be a variety of characters in the novel! The time travel rules state that items from the future cannot be brought into the past. So, anyone traveling to the past is bound to arrive naked! Unless they just happen to be dressed in 1920s garb of course.

9) Which character is kidding themselves by insisting they belong on the nice list?
It would have to be Olivia in the present day. She believes all of her actions are justified and her motives righteous but are they really? Or are they just furthering her own needs and wants? Maybe Santa can set her straight!

10) Which character would your readers be shocked to find on the naughty list?
Lavinia. She is a sweet girl with a pure heart who loves Rafael like a brother and adores Quinn. However, even the kindest heart can be corrupted and Lavinia is no exception.

So, that’s the Naughty List Tag. I’m going to tag Kristen Howe to do this on her blog.


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