About me

If you’re wondering, here’s a bit about me. I was born in Heidelberg, Germany , back when Germany still had the Deutsche Mark ( that’s not actually all that long ago!!!) I left Germany after high school and spent a few years bouncing around the world. After living in Israel, South Africa, and England I arrived in Key West, Florida, a few years back. It was supposed to only be a short-term stay, but then I met my husband and you know how it goes….. Recently, we relocated to Sarasota, Florida.

It’s always good to put a face to name, so this is mine: 543444_10201155395581344_662018982_n

Ups! No, that’s not me. That’s my cat Rudy, proof reading The Pink Tourmaline.               This is me:


I’m please you decided to check out my website and I hope in future you will also take a look  at my work.

I’m currently working on a possible sequel for The Pink Tourmaline, as well as on re-writes for my previous novels.

Thank you for stopping by.


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