Title: The Pink Tourmaline

A spell cast by her great-grandmother transports Quinn and her brother Michael to 1926.
Stranded in an unfamiliar world, they only have one chance to get home—track down their great-grandmother and reverse the spell. Easy enough, except nothing in their family history lines up with reality. Things only get more complicated when they meet silent film actor Rafael Santino. Charming and with an interest in the supernatural, he offers his help.

When Quinn and Rafael fall in love, her relationship with her brother crumbles. She wants to stay, while Michael is desperate to leave. Splitting up is not an option. The spell has bound them together. Either both return or neither can. Once Quinn finds a way home she must decide: Strand Michael in the past for the sake of her happiness, or leave the life she always wanted, so he can have his.

Status: Published by Wild Rose Press

Title: In Absentia

When his brother goes missing Adam drops everything to find him. How could he not? After all, it’s his fault.

On the scale of dumb things Adam has done in his life, dating his brother’s fiancée probably rates as a solid 10.
Selfish and disloyal, it isn’t something Adam is proud of in hindsight, but was it really the reason for his brother’s sudden disappearance? Well. That’s the question that’s been keeping him awake at night for the past 5 months.

Adam is so consumed by his guilt that he risks losing not only his job, but his life. Pressured by his family, he joins a support group and meets Sophie, a woman who understands him better than he’s comfortable with. Outspoken and strong-willed she seems determined to save Adam from himself.
Torn between his growing feelings for Sophie and his guilty conscience Adam must choose: Accept the things he cannot change and move on, or cling to the fading hope that he may yet find Levi, even if he loses himself, and Sophie, in the process.

Status: Querying

Title: Goodbye November

At 18 Mae should worry about getting into college, not out of the psych ward.

Goodbye November is a dark New Adult novel about 18-year-old Mae Jarvis who’s stuck in a depression she can not get out of. Helpless and with no other options, her father sends her to Mayfair Psychiatric Hospital in a last-ditch effort to help Mae.

Unwilling to receive treatment Mae shows no signs of improvement. Just as she’s sure she will rot in the loony bin forever she begins to open up to some of her fellow patients and realizes she’s not the only one caught in her own darkness.

Status: In progress

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