You are like an unfinished story,
a crossword with the wrong answers,
unsolvable, like a puzzle without a solution.

You are an enigma,
a mystery,
a closed book.

You turned your back on those who loved you,
left them wondering in despair.
That’s not the ‘you’ I once knew.

You are a riddle,
a question mark,
an endless ocean of ambiguity.

Will I ever know what became of you?
Will I ever see you again?
Will any of these questions ever receive an answer?


The Circle

A gun killed 3.
A tank killed 10.

A bullet took 1 live.
A bomb took 20.

And yet the circle of pain keeps spinning
day in day out-forever.

The truth is that we all died already,
hearts turned to stone, long ago.

Hope is lost, it won`t return.
The circle of pain is unbreakable

Somewhere out there

Vanished from the face of the earth,
with no word to anyone.

Disappeared without warning,
not a trace to be found.

Gone to where no one can find you,
for reasons unknown to all but you.

Many years have passed since last I saw you
and still I wonder – what happened to you?

In the dark of night I lie awake
and ask myself where you might have gone.

I still search for your face in the crowd,
when in reality it’s nothing but a blur, obscured by memories.

I don’t remember the sound of your voice, nor
the last thing you told me, that night long ago.

For me your life ended with a question mark,
but for you I hope it continues, in happiness.

out there.

All three published by Black Fox Literary Magazine issue #7.

Back Issues

All there is to say

A book never written
a song never sang
a story never told
that’s all about you and me.

A touch never felt
a kiss never shared
a sunset never seen
that’s all I can think of now.

Time moved on
years passed by
memories flew down the river of time
and that’s all there is to say.

Published in 2003 by United Press in the UK for an anthology. Book is no longer available…

So you are gone

So you are gone
What’s it like there?
Are you really somewhere?
Or are you lost out there in the universe far away from all you knew?

Where there angels singing when you arrived?
Are you walking on roads paved with gold?
Or are you truly gone, nothing but a memory.
Alive only in the hearts of those who loved you?

Did grandpa step from a bright light to meet you?
Did he show you all that awaits you now?
Or was there nothing when you closed your eyes,
nothing except darkness and void?

Is there really another place?
Somewhere we all just carry on?
Or are these just stories we tell ourselves?
A crutch to get through the grieve?

What if, when we’re gone, we don’t move on?
So, if you’re really somewhere,
Tell me,
What’s it like there?

Pink Chameleon published  3/30/12 in issue 13


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